TBN! MARVEL COMICS Anti Vaping Propaganda – Bloomberg Hearts Dictators

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Today’s topics include how the US FDA and HHS paid Marvel Comics ( Disney ) to create cringey anti-vaping propaganda. It’s gross as hell and as Jim Mcdonald points out comically ( no pun intended ) Hypocritical. No surprise that JUUL still sucks. We have a little bit more from Marc Gunther and surprise surprise Mike Bloomberg might be a criminal still and actively contributing to a murderous dictator, so that’s rad. Also, some more science to add to the pile of vaping evidence.


00:00 Stream Will Begin Shortly
04:27 Hello There
09:23 Everyone Hydrate!
10:01 Newsy Things
10:38 Canada News / JUUL Sucks
18:39 Support HB517 (Call to Action)
21:29 Mark Gunther Podcast
25:23 Bloomberg Loves Murderous Dictators (FilterMag Article)
38:45 The Main Thing (Marvel Comics)
01:06:51 Science Time!
01:12:49 Wrap Up
01:16:41 The Snyder Cut / Geeky Stuffs

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