C2MNT Buildstream / Rundown in 38min or less!

So this RDA is almost a full YEAR old at this point. It arrived, and I never built it, never vaped it, never really touched it. Which is strange considering how much I liked the original CSMNT RDA. Interested to see how it holds up a year after being released. Join me on this journey, won’t you?


The airflow is a little sharp, that’s really the only gripe I have with this RDA. Otherwise, the deck is wicked easy to build on ( maybe pull the coils a little farther apart than I did ) it’s easy to wick ( would probably be easier to wick without the 3.5mm coils I put in there ) and you can drip your juice right through the center of the tip. Flavor is pretty solid as well. Not bad for a YEAR OLD RDA.