Old School Build Stream – Round Wire Building – Can I even do this anymore?

I haven’t personally build freehand round wire builds in YEARS. I legit don’t know if I can even accomplish this task anymore. I have a few “mystery” decks ready to go for this very process. One from 2016 and one from 2013!! I’ll do my best to get to both of them AND vape on them.


Long before we had any “fancy” builds like claptons and aliens we had nothing but round wire. Even up through most of 2015 I assumed that “fancy” builds were nothing but gimmicks. Why would they vape better than good old – tried – and- true roundwire builds? Were going old school fam and it’s either going to be awesome, or a disaster in the making.


Not sure what’s up with this Burst Bacco Custard, it legit tastes like a citrus type soda vape to me. Other than that, ROUNDWIRE BABY! straight up round wire builds still kinda kick ass. The flavor on both is great, the Recoil gives me a little more “crackle” but only because it wasn’t a freehand coil. Truly and honestly, there is no reason to be scared or intimidated by building up an RDA. Aliens and Claptons are great, but round-wire will still give you an excellent vape IMO.

Trust me when I say that if I can do this, anyone can do this. I took some HORRIBLY wrapped coils and made them vape-able. Not just vape-able, but impressively vape-able. Cheers everyone.

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