Deathwish Modz – UNHOLY V3 Build / Rundown in 49 min or less

Not JUST the Unholy V3, were also going to be doing a rundown of the Crossbones 4 mech mod as well. Just got this on Thursday and I’m anxious to get it up and running. Interested to see how well the SS tube “hits”. After stream thoughts will be down below.

Hold Screen ends at 5:02


Really digging this thing. The 4-hole AFC setup I have feels amazing and the flavor is honestly shockingly good for a 28mm RDA. With some effort I feel like you could get some 2core claptons or aliens in there properly ( one over one under the ball bearing ) but the quad core aliens I had from AJ Holland just weren’t going to fit.

Feels beefy, feels nice. It’s a bit big but not unmanageable. Deathwish always has good fit and finish and good machining IMO, this one is no different. I really dig the engravings as well. Overall a real slick looking mod / RDA combo.

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