NEST MESH RDA! Mesh Done Right! – Build / Rundown in 30min or less

I’ve had this NEST MESH RDA for about 2 weeks and some change now. This is the ONLY mesh RDA that I have been vaping regularly. It is the ONLY mesh rda that I can comfortably run at higher wattages and not worry about dry hits or burnt wicks. It is the ONLY mesh rda that I have willingly used on a regular basis. The NEST MESH RDA has a few quirky things involved in actually building and using it. So we are going to “build” it and vape it today on this stream! Timestamps will be down below.


00:00 Hold Screen
05:28 Introductions
08:20 Show and Tell
12:11 Building Begins
19:00 Building ROUND TWO!
25:08 whining and crying waaaaaa
28:44 Success! Juicing technique
32:25 The “Trough” / VAPE IT
40:28 Final Thoughts

More info on the Nest RDA can be found HERE