THE TYPE TWO – Everything Else You Need – Speed Building – 30min or less

Hey Everyone! So I have my finished shot / edited TypeTwo introduction video here. Everyone please watch it. It’s a deep dive into the Type Two RTA and all of the release details are in that video.

Today I thought I would spend this build stream answering any questions, as well as explaining a few things about this RTA a little deeper. I’m going to do A “speed build” on this RTA, just to see how fast I can get it done, because fun.


00:00 Hold Screen
03:34 Introductions and The Such As
07:26 A Story
13:21 Why This Type Of RTA?
15:10 What About Round Wire?
17:55 Sup With Those Ribs?
19:54 Build Prep
22:40 “Speed Build”
30:20 “Speed Wicking”
33:32 “Speed Filling”
35:40 Finally Vaping It
39:51 Regulated VS Unregulated
44:44 Superchats / Parting Thoughts / Price / Availability


Cotton Matters. I use Cotton Bacon Prime because as I said in the video, it tends to expand a bit when it gets wet, which is perfect for this RTA.

The texture is there for vertical leverage on your juice fill cap as well as the lower chimney. It just makes things easier to remove and un-thread.

Draw Velocity matters – The higher the watts, the quicker and more forceful your drags need to be. The lower the wattage, the longer and more relaxed your drags will need to be.

Wattage matters – As I said you can easily run this on an unregulated / mech type of setup but The Type Two RTA benefits greatly from regulation. High wattages tend to “cook” flavors out of liquids, if you want the full flavor from your juice, turn that wattage down and take a looooong lazy draw.

Check out my Type Two Presentation Video HERE