The BOXXER V2 – Build Stream / Rundown in 42min or Less!

So this is going to be our final stop in the Billet Box series of streams. Well until I get some more I guess. We are ending with the Canadian made BOXXER V2 RDTA. Out of all of the bridges that I bought from DiscoPotato, I assumed because it was an RDTA that the BOXXER V2 would be my least used bridge. But I was fascinated by it and had to try it. Turns out I love it and it has easily become my 2nd favorite bridge … like… ever..

Timestamps are down below, chapters will be on the video itself.


00:00 Hold Screen
02:37 Introductions, Coils, Juice
08:43 Building Actually Starts
13:56 Still Building / Struggling
18:24 The Cone Coil – The Wickening
24:00 Boxxer inside Goldenboy
28:48 The Moment Of Truth
31:09 The Final Vapings and Wrap Ups