Truss Bridge – Signature Tips – Build / Rundown in about an hour

THE TRUSS ARRIVED AND I WANT TO VAPE IT!! ok… sorry for flying off the handle there, but I’m pretty damned excited to give this Truss Bridge from Signature Tips a whirl in a Billet Box. We’re going to be putting it inside of Harold today.

For anyone curious the Truss is a “bridge” that goes into a Boro Tank. There are a few devices ( mods ) out there designed to work with a Boro Tank, but the Billet Box is probably the most well known.



00:00 Hold Screen
03:22 Introductions and show and tell
07:35 The Deck thoughts
10:17 First Coil Install / Testing / Wicking
27:00 Beginning Of The End
34:00 The Rinsing and Redemption
52:50 The Fatal Mistake
56:28 The Tip and VAPORZ FINALLY!


Learn from my mistakes. Pre-cut those leads before installing the coil. Any little overhanging wires will be an issue when it’s all finally sandwiched together. Raise your coil up, but not any higher than the posts, again… that top cap / chimney piece has TIGHT tolerances and is unforgiving with space on the inside.

As far as the vape goes from the Truss Bridge? dude, it’s pretty great. Nice restricted lung, wicked flavorful and these breezetones coils are giving me some nice crackle. Fit and finish like I said is TIGHT, also real nice. Everything feels stupidly well machined. I’m really excited to really start putting this thing through it’s paces, because so far it’s vaping DOPE.

More info on the Truss Bridge can be found HERE
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