THE TRUSS ARRIVED AND I WANT TO VAPE IT!! ok… sorry for flying off the handle there, but I’m pretty damned excited to give this Truss Bridge from Signature Tips a whirl in a Billet Box. We’re going to be putting it inside of Harold today.

For anyone curious the Truss is a “bridge” that goes into a Boro Tank. There are a few devices ( mods ) out there designed to work with a Boro Tank, but the Billet Box is probably the most well known.


Well, today we are going to Build Stream the Haku Xeta bridge for the Billet Box / Boro tank compatible mods. This Haku Xeta is a “new to me” product. It’s been out for over a year now, but I just got this a few weeks ago through a trade with one of my Patrons Pamcakes! so I’m still getting to know it. I’ve got some CoilTurd MTL coils to try to install in this today so wish me luck.

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2014 was a different time for vaping. The industry was experiencing a “renaissance” of sorts. New innovations were happening every day. RTA’s were getting better and better, less leaking with better flavor. The Orchid V2 RTA ( what I believe to be the V2 anyway ) was among the greats of that time. I’ll tell the whole story of this Orchid V2 RTA, we will do a “modern” build in it and do a rundown of the whole thing, top to bottom.

Does it hold up? Time for a Retro Build Stream I think.

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