Retro Build Stream! ORCHID V2 RTA – in 48 min or less!

2014 was a different time for vaping. The industry was experiencing a “renaissance” of sorts. New innovations were happening every day. RTA’s were getting better and better, less leaking with better flavor. The Orchid V2 RTA ( what I believe to be the V2 anyway ) was among the greats of that time. I’ll tell the whole story of this Orchid V2 RTA, we will do a “modern” build in it and do a rundown of the whole thing, top to bottom.

Does it hold up? Time for a Retro Build Stream I think.

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Answer, YES IT TOTALLY HOLDS UP! so look, it might be a bit of a pain to wick and fill, but dammit man the Orchid V2 really does hold up. T**S McGee flavor, really really restricted lung hit. It’s just a real nice flavorful vape. As I said in the the stream, i’m certain you could still find clones of this RTA sitting in a fasttech warehouse somewhere. Might be worth a trip down memory lane for this guy.