Haku Xeta Build Stream / Rundown in 44 Min or less!!

Well, today we are going to Build Stream the Haku Xeta bridge for the Billet Box / Boro tank compatible mods. This Haku Xeta is a “new to me” product. It’s been out for over a year now, but I just got this a few weeks ago through a trade with one of my Patrons Pamcakes! so I’m still getting to know it. I’ve got some CoilTurd MTL coils to try to install in this today so wish me luck.

Hold Screen Ends At 03:43


I’m enjoying this Haku Xeta more and more and more. I’ve realized overall I need to slow my roll when dragging on the billet box, pretty much for every boro bridge. It worked last week with the EVL and it works this week with the Xeta. Slow draw, nice warmth ( even at 20w with this 0.7ohm), really nice flavor. Wish the clamps could handle a little bit “beefier” of a coil, but it is what it is. CoilTurd MTL coils for the win in this today.