Kent is here AGAIN today to join our Build ‘n Chill and to bestow his years of expertise and experience upon us. Any coil building questions? This is the guy to ask. I think today we’re going to Build ‘n Chill some Staggered Fused Claptons into my Haku Phenom RDA with Kent. Aliens are also always on the table, I got a drill clamp and a few other tools and odds and ends to help with building them that I want to give a try. Everything kinda suddenly “clicks” for me at about 02:40:32

Come Build ‘n Chill with me and Twisted Messes, gates open come on in.

Let’s give a warm welcome to the one and only legendary Twisted Messes ( Kent ). He has probably got more time on this YouTube than anyone else I can think of. We have been international travel buds for years and years and years. I’m honored to be able to call Kent a close friend. Kent was one of the OG coil builders back in the day, he along with a handful of others pushed coil building to RIDICULOUS new places.

Well, today we are going to Build Stream the Haku Xeta bridge for the Billet Box / Boro tank compatible mods. This Haku Xeta is a “new to me” product. It’s been out for over a year now, but I just got this a few weeks ago through a trade with one of my Patrons Pamcakes! so I’m still getting to know it. I’ve got some CoilTurd MTL coils to try to install in this today so wish me luck.

Hold Screen Ends At 03:43