Lost Vape Thelema – DNA250c – DUAL18650!

I give Lost Vape a lot of guff now and again, but this Thelema DNA250C is Lost Vape being at the top of their game. Every finish in this looks cool. Almost every “cut out” for this looks cool. The Thelema feels spectacular in the hand. Comfy, weighty, soft. It feels polished and finished and deliberate.

The actual C-Frame style design itself is old. This form factor is THE form factor for most dual 18650 mods. I like to think of it like a smartphone. The smartphone has been a rectangle for 20+ years. A dual 18650 will probably be a C-Frame for much much longer.


00:00 Hello There
00:42 Up Close
03:11 Up Top Vaps
04:11 Likes / Dislikes
04:47 Budget Alien Bananas

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