Russian Custom Mods – MANDO

Cue Mando music Mech mod and a dripper, This is the way.
As I said in the video, Russian Custom Mods just makes great mech mods. Top-quality machining, top-quality fit and finish. I don’t say anything in this video that I haven’t said in every other Russian Custom Mods video I have ever done. Also, this video is crazy out of order

RCM has a mech mod / button formula that works and works very very well. Maybe someday when they stray from this formula and put out something different, we can go back to giving RCM mods their own full videos.

I also want to clarify that this video is marked as a “PAID VIDEO” because of receiving the mech mod itself. YouTube considers that “compensation” so I’m following the rules. No money has ever exchanged hands between myself and Russian Custom Mods.


00:00 Hello There
01:05 Up Close
03:15 Normal View
03:39 Aliens Game
04:00 Likes Dislikes

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