3 MONTHS Using The Abyss AIO – Ether Bridge

Been getting along really well with the Abyss AIO overall. I guess I only TRULY love it right now with its flagship bridge, the Ether. I’m hoping to see more Abyss exclusive bridges in the near future. The other bridges available for various coil heads all work fine, but don’t expect too similar of an experience to a sub-tank.

Everything has been holding up well, nothing loose or rattling around. No more destroyed buttons. If you’re on the ledge, let me push you a little closer and say, the last 3 months have been great, and I have high hopes for the future of the Abyss AIO “system”


The YouTube rules say: “If you accepted anything of value from a third party to make your video

The reason this is marked as a “paid promotion” is the Abyss I received was “of value”, the tip was “of value”, the liquid on the inside was “of value”. This was not an actual paid promotion. No money exchanged hands. I’m just following YouTube’s useless rule, ok?

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