VAPE VLOG! WHAT UP UK!?! Most Epic Gift Of All TIME!! – BEER TOO!!!

Welcome to tonight’s LIVE VLOG 6/24/21! #Replaycrew! those timestamps are the fist pinned comment under this video. We will be going through a whole mess of segments tonight including Beer, Retro vaping, Liquid tasting, News, Music and honestly a whole lot more.

Trying to keep that positive energy going through the end of this week. Tonight’s VLOG will be a much more reasonable length. Gate is open, come on in.


00:00 Victory BLVD to Sunset BLVD – 405 – 101
05:22 Hello And Welcome
10:40 My Favorite Thing
12:55 Beer Time
23:13 What I’ve Been Vaping
39:46 Retro Vaping
01:02:37 News & Advocacy
01:42:01 Vape Mail – THE PACKAGE!
02:11:01 Getting to Know Grimm Green
02:24:33 Random Liquid Tasting
02:49:04 Comments of the Week

Stream Specific Links

Charles Gardner 10,000 Studies – Mic Drop Tweet
TobaccoKills Call To action for Canada
Rights For Vapers – Canada
Vaping Demystified – Yorkshire Cancer Research
American Vaping Association
World Vapers Alliance EU Petition
Most Young People Do Not Vape, and Even Fewer Vape Regularly – NYU School Of Global Public Health
Could legalising snus tap into a huge potential for smoking cessation?
D.C. Council Votes to Prohibit Flavored Vapes
Democratic House Oversight Committee – An Epidemic Continues: Youth Vaping in America
Number of Adult Cigarette Smokers Increased During COVID, Survey Finds
Covid 19: How harm reduction advocates and the tobacco industry capitalised on the pandemic to promote nicotine
The Beer

Less Critical Recurring Links

Oops…no podcast this week!