CoolFire Z80 | Innokin | SOLID

Innokin ( and most of China, now that I think about it ) has always just given us little upgrades here and there. Yeah this CoolFire z80 is probably the nicest most feature-rich best vaping CoolFire Kit to date. But it’s still just kinda…. there….

I would love to see a China company not release a product for like a YEAR. Then give it a truly great innovative “COOLFIRE XKRED27” or something. I guess it’s just getting old reviewing seemingly the same thing over and over and over again with little bells and whistles here and there. It still vapes great, but is overall mostly boring.


00:00 Hello There
01:13 Up Close
05:11 Normal View First Vape
05:55 2 weeks later
07:24 Likes / Dislikes
09:30 Budget, Bananas

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