Framed Staples HOLY CRAP!!! Eclipse RTA

Despite everything that happened, we STILL got a successful Framed Staple Coil inside the Eclipse RTA… holy crap it happened.

It’s Build ‘n Chill Monday! WOOO!! friend of the stream Twisted Messes is back today to be our sherpa up coil building mountain. When Kent was out a few weeks ago we did some building and chilling “off the air” and one of the things that we build was a framed staple coil. This is a beastly coil that really all comes down to prep more than anything else.

Were going to construct some Framed Staples today, and maybe get it inside of an Eclipse RTA if were lucky, because wrapping a framed staple is no easy task and the coil can still be messed up at that point. Man coil building is fun!!

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