TBN! FDA Rejected ANOTHER 55K PMTAs | Synthetic NIC?

Welcome back to TBN. Vape industry news, advocacy, and information. Today’s Topics Include: The FDA Decided to make examples of 3 very small vapor companies this last week by rejecting 55K of their PMTA applications. Were going to dig into why, and what this means for the future of the vaping market in the USA. We also have some sciencey stuff and a NEW Iqos product launching in Japan.

Be Informed, Trust Science, Defend Vaping


00:00 Your Call Is Very Important
05:07 Hello There
08:30 Newsy Things
08:52 Testimonials / Right to Vape / MySwitchStory
20:51 Vaping Does NOT Cause Heart Attacks
30:02 Philippines VS Bloomberg
34:03 The Main Thing (FDA / PMTA / Synthetic NIC)
50:29 A Brief History of FDA Vaping Regulations
01:03:34 FDA Signals it Won’t Authorize Flavored E-liquid PMTAs

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FDA Signals It Won’t Authorize Flavored E-Liquid PMTAs

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