VAPE VLOG! University Of Michigan Backs Vaping! A Salvo RDA and a Carto Tank

Well hello and welcome! Time for some hot vape VLOG DAY action. After some pondering and meditation i’ve decided we are flipping the script a little bit. Weeding out boring stuff, adding in cooler stuff, and overall making the VLOG better and more fun for everyone.

We will be going through many of the VLOG segments tonight including beer, mail, retro vapings, liquid tastings, GTKGG, some news, some advocacy.

Some really smart and important people ( Kenneth Warner ) at the University Of Michigan have publicly come out in FAVOR of vaping. Will this change anything? probably not, but this does show us beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are on the right side of history and all the science is showing that.


00:00 YOYOY
05:20 Hello and Welcome
11:41 My Favorite thing
14:45 Beer Time
22:13 What I’ve Been Vaping
31:54 Birthday Shoutouts
33:14 Vape Mail
41:12 News & Advocacy
01:12:40 Getting to Know Grimm Green
01:19:18 Random Liquid Tasting
01:36:54 Salvo RDA
02:07:14 Retro Vaping Fail

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