VLOG! Infinite Mods Mail! Also W.H.O. Hates Vaping AND Alcohol?! | New Prohibition

Well hello and welcome! Time for some hot vape VLOG DAY action. More fun, less … not fun, that’s the new motto so tonight we will have many of the regular segments including Mail, Beer, GTKGG, Liquid Tasting, Retro Vapings, News, and more.

Mystery Package from Infinite Mods! And in the news, turns out W.H.O. is not only pushing for nicotine prohibition, but quietly also pushing for ALCOHOL PROHIBITION AGAIN!!

Gate is open, come on in!
Link Explosion Below


00:00 Do the CASAA call to action
05:23 Hello And Welcome
08:08 Announcement
12:53 Beer
18:55 What I’ve Been Vaping
26:22 Birthday Shoutouts
28:12 Retro Vaping
55:06 News & Advocacy
01:20:15 Vape Mail
01:35:51 Dixxon Comes Off
01:39:12 Random Liquid Tasting + Infinite Magnus
02:03:43 Getting to Know Grimm Green

Stream Specific Links

CASAA call to action
Alcohol Prohibitionists Never Went Away, They Now Advise the WHO
Vida Voices – A Spectacular Failure
Hempworld Expo
Current focus on preventing youth vaping could hinder adults’ efforts to stop smoking

Less Critical Recurring Links

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