VAPE VLOG! Really Vintage GrimmGreen | Also A JaiHaze INCEPTION

Well hello and welcome! Time for some hot vape VLOG DAY action. More fun, less … not fun, that’s the new motto so tonight we will have many of the regular segments including (Jai Haze) Mail, Beer, GTKGG, Liquid Tasting, Retro Vapings, News, and more.

I have in my possession hours and hours and hours of truly vintage GrimmGreen footage. 20 years ago back before the internet and social media were really a thing, my brother Bryan and I would literally do travel vlogs. We had a “show” that we would videotape on my front porch in Lake Tahoe. So in addition to awesome records and music, we’re going to spend some time watching cringey old footage and laughing at 22-year-old Nick.

I also received a package from JaiHaze in the mail that we’re going to open tonight. I’m pretty sure I know what is inside, but it’s still going to be hella fun.



00:00 Rain
05:22 Hello And Welcome!
09:26 My Favorite Thing
16:20 Beer
23:56 What I’ve Been Vaping
42:25 Random Liquid Tasting
58:35 News & Advocacy
01:27:53 Vape Mail
02:01:59 Getting to Know Grimm Green
02:31:06 Birthday Shoutouts

Stream Specific Links

Michigan CASAA call to action
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The Beer
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