SMOK Thiner Pod | Effin messy sometimes

Kind of enjoying my trip down ‘Smok products I never got to try but now I found a shop that sells them so I bought a bunch” road. Today we arrive at the “THINER” pod. It’s one of those Sourin types of credit card-looking vapes.

It honestly works great. The draw feels smoker-ish to me. Tight but not crazy, some good resistance. Flavor is good but fades fast and ends up kind of just being ok. Compared to things like the Smok NORD or the Uwell Caliburn A2, the Smok Thiner Pod felt like the flavor started off at a lower bar.

If you can get past the somewhat mysteriously liquid-covered pods, this is honestly a pretty great vape in a very solid form factor. 4/5

I’m also sorry for the age gate. I bought these for myself, but I know that SMOK is trying to get PMTA and need their videos behind an age gate. So it’s for the greater good.

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