VLOG! New Head Of FDA – Let’s Introduce Ourselves | Alexa S.24 RDA | New GWAR Dixxon!

Well hello and welcome! Time for some hot vape VLOG DAY action. BIG beer this week, big ABV and a BIG STOUT beer, so that should make for good times. Got a whole mess of vape mail and a new DIXXON.

Yes to liquid tasting, yes to a band review. Firm maybe on a retro vape, but I did want to have a go at that Alexa S.24 RDA. At least I think that is what it’s called.

SORRY! The Band Review ended up having to be muted due to a copyright claim. While that gets sorted out, check out Mortuary Mistress by Maggot Casket HERE.

FDA Commissioner Robert Callif Twitter – Politely tell him your smoking story (he has 2 Twitters):

Thanks for coming out. Link explosion below.


00:00 Hold On
05:17 Hello And Welcome
07:14 Quick Rundown
09:52 Beer
16:26 What I’ve Been Vaping
28:09 News & Advocacy
30:47 Dangleclacks
50:23 Dixxon Comes Off
57:03 More Dangleclacks
57:55 Assignment America
01:10:30 First Impressions “Alexa RDA”
01:11:22 Even More Dangleclacks
01:24:20 Random Liquid Tasting #1
01:50:26 Vape Mail
01:52:46 Nick Slices Through Another Beer
02:14:04 (Gwar) Dixxon Goes On
02:21:42 Birthdays
02:23:22 Band Review
02:37:30 Random Liquid Tasting Number 2

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