QP Fatality M30 30mm RTA | Bangs hard, Should have certified it

As I said in the video, I’ve had an M25 QP Fatality in the past, I had it in this build stream [LINK] and I truly and honestly liked it. But I don’t remember falling for it THIS hard. Maybe it’s all in my head.

Dial in your airflow, and exhale some radical flavor. Everything works and fits awesomely on the Fatality M30. No bad o-rings, no bad threads.

Versatility is the name of this QP game. That is really dumb, but I already typed it. As always though… if you don’t mind the way it looks. I don’t… I’m just saying that’s a big one for people and the Fatality with a bubble glass.

This should be a certified banger, I just didn’t make it official in the video.

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