TBN! AUS News – PINOY News – US NEWS – Nicotine abstinence?! and the MIGHTY Logan Exhales!

Welcome back to TBN! Industry news, advocacy, and information. We care about facts and science here. We care about harm and harm reduction. Our guest this week is the great Logan Exhales, long-time friend of the show, harm reduction advocate, and all-around great guy.

Nicotine abstinence, what are your thoughts? and why is this being pushed by tobacco controllers? Is it an unattainable goal they know we can never reach? Or is it actually realistic? discuss that and much much more with us today on TBN.

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TBN Starts – 05:07
Matt Holman Leaves FDA for Big Tobacco – 22:30
Ethan Nadelmann / The Truth Initiative – 30:21
Drugs / Psychedelics – 34:22
FDA Review of Nicotine Division – 40:30
Vaping Restrictions/Regulations & the FDA – 59:00
Neuroprotective Qualities of Nicotine – 01:10:43
Philippines Vape Bill – 01:14:12
Germany Vape Taxes – 01:21:37
Clarifying Australia’s Youth Vaping Figures – 01:24:21

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