VLOG! Summer Break | Stanton Glantz is WRONG AGAIN!! | A Good Cherry Liquid

Well hello and welcome, welcome and hello. It is Thursday and I have yet another full-on action-packed VLOG for you guys tonight. I’m about to start “The Summer Of Nick” and my streaming schedule will again be impacted. Same deal as last year, the VLOG will be back PROMPTLY on Aug 18th.

Tonight though we have some Stanton Glantz news, he is wrong again and we’re all surprised. I also wanted to mention a GREAT piece written by Marc Gunter about how The Truth Initiative lost its way.

Of course, we have a whole mess of mail. We have beer, we have retro vapings, we have liquid tasting and I really really want to build one of the new Boro RBA’s I got, so we might do that as well. I kinda also want to tell the story of Star Wars Celebration and Erik. But we might not have time tonight.

Gate is open, come on in. Link explosion will be below.

::EDIT:: I figured out why my computer died and the stream died at the end. I had my VPN on the WHOLE STREAM.


00:00:00 Just walking the dog
00:06:04 Hello And Welcome
00:12:56 Beer Time
00:20:06 What I’ve Been Vaping
00:30:32 News & Advocacy
01:22:35 Birthdays
01:25:29 Vape Mail
02:10:31 Retro Vaping
02:29:25 Summer of Nick
02:59:26 Random Liquid Tasting
03:09:14 Getting to Know Grimm Green
03:13:11 Dangleclack ending

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