Ok… This got out of hand | Streamlined VLOG! | I Refuse To Go Long

I don’t know what happened lately but the VLOG just kept getting longer and longer and longer and longer. Last week was just a normal VLOG and it was 4 HOURS!!! … This insanity has to stop. The VLOG needs to be streamlined and tightened up.

No lollygagging, no more hour-long struggle builds. We’re runnin lean here at GrimmGreen Industries. Normal segments, of course. Beer, Retro, Mail, Liquid, (SHORT) news, Music. Old school dawg. Also, we build a mesh genesis for the retro vape. It’s awesome.

Anway… The gate is open, come on in. Link explosion will be below.


00:00:00 September 1999
00:06:03 Hello And Welcome
00:06:57 Quick Rundown
00:10:12 Beer
00:18:23 What I’ve Been Vaping
00:23:46 Assignment Planet Globe
00:30:24 Shoutouts
00:40:33 Birthdays
00:44:44 News & Advocacy
01:03:40 Vape Mail
01:12:44 Retro Vaping
01:42:12 (Awesome) Band Review
02:00:21 Random Liquid Tasting

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