VLOG!! A STUBBY Build!! Brian King VS Vapers | BASED Steve Forbes!!

Hello and welcome, welcome and hello!!!!!!! The new head of CTP at FDA Brian King spoke to Politico and all that came out of his mouth was a bunch of bullshit. Brian King scares me, Brian King’s power scares me. Otherwise, it should be a hella action-packed VLOG.

I’m like 90% sure I have a Stubby here that we will totally and absolutely build and vape. Beer ‘n mail ‘n stuff too. Maybe a record discussion.


00:00:00 Drum Jam
00:06:04 Hello And Welcome
00:08:48 Quick Rundown
00:12:36 Beer
00:20:04 Oleg Drip Tips
00:21:26 Obey Robot
00:24:10 Assignment Planet Globe
00:44:39 What I’ve Been Vaping
00:58:38 Retro Vaping
01:19:48 Retro Liquid
01:37:50 Birthdays
01:46:18 News & Advocacy
02:29:15 Vape Mail
02:55:56 Stubby AIO
03:42:41 Random Liquid Tasting

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