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Welcome back to TBN! Industry news, advocacy, and information. We care about facts and science here. We care about harm and harm reduction here. Today’s Topic: NICOTINE!!! Scourge of the youth, more addictive than heroin, changes your BRAIN! WHY WOULD ANYONE USE IT!?!? how about because it’s awesome and doesn’t fit the definition of addiction by itself. Boom science.

That and SO MUCH more!! link explosion will be below. We are Danielle-less today due to her cross-country move, so I’ll be flying solo!! old school style.

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TBN Starts – 05:07
Abounding in Love – 23:47
Amanda Wheeler Tweet – 25:40
Juul Pays for Past “Sins” – 30:17
Cove Behavioral Health – 45:22
The Main Thing (Nicotine) – 48:24
Benefits of Nicotine – 01:16:54
Nicotine Brain Fallacy – 01:18:52
Protective Effects of Nicotine on the Brain – 01:26:12
Master List of Junk Science – 01:31:55

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