Ok We Are Back!! for now…. I’m Quiet Quitting | LET’S Mother Trucking VLOG

Well HELLO AND MOTHER TRUCKING WELCOME!!!! We are back on the TUBE. I don’t know for how long; it seems the message YouTube is sending is “We DO NOT want vapers on this platform” So… I’m formulating a plan. Besides that, I JUST WANT TO STREAMMMMM!!!

I wanna drink beer, do dope stuff, open mail, talk music, open more mail, and randomly taste a liquid.


00:00 Backward Canadian driving
06:04 Hello and Welcome
08:12 Quick Rundown
10:44 Beertime
20:33 YouTube 12 strike Story
32:26 Saying Goodbye to Old Videos
39:01 Assignment Planet Globe
01:00:35 What I’ve Been Vaping
01:06:39 News & Advocacy
01:36:53 Birthdays
01:39:20 Retro Vaping
02:18:58 Vape Mail
02:47:50 Build-A-Thing
03:08:12 Random Liquid Tasting

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Oops…no podcast this week!