GATA MTL RTA in 39 min or less – hotspot city

I got this GATA RTA a few weeks ago and am now just getting around to building it.  Building and installing was fairly easy.  Make sure you wrap COUNTER CLOCKWISE for your coils or they won’t drop down properly.   Give those coils a LIFT as well to keep it away from that ultem insert ( thanks chat for the pro tip )

I’m wicked excited for this tank, i’ve heard good things about the MTL and I’ve got some 12mg Poet Sweet Black Tea that NEEEEEDS to get vaped in this tank. So were spend the next 1/2 hour un-boxing, building and giving some first impression of this GATA RTA from QP designs.

BIG hotspot happened when I fired it on the DNA250. It was a combination of dry wicks, way too much wattage, and the wrong OHM reading. I know it looked bad, but the worst thing that could have happened was the wire would melt and stop firing. Burnt cotton and maybe a burnt flavor. Easily fixable and not any real danger.

Asking price is about $54 most everywhere. Full review coming later on after I spend some time with this tank. I also want to give the restricted lung a whirl despite the ( in my opinion ) terrible tank design. We shall see.

I will say that so far the flavor is BANGING even with roundwire.  The chat was demanding a future Kayfun VS Gata RTA video, so it looks like that’s what i’ll be doing in the future so stay tuned.

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