The Pioneer RTA is a BANGER

0:00 Introduction
1:12 Up Close
6:36 Pros and Cons
9:58 Final Thoughts

When an RTA looks high end, but isn’t actually high end, that is the Pioneer RTA. It’s versatile AF. The amount of accesories is staggering. Two post deck is easy to build on, it’s easy to wick and all the parts fit together really well. Some cheap feeling parts here and there, some squeaky threads throughout, but otherwise it’s a pretty solid feeling RTA.

The Mouth To Lung vape of the Pioneer RTA is one of the best I have come across in a while. I like it more than the Ether, I like it more than the ARES, I like it more than the CogRTA, I like it more than the Reload MTL, it’s just really good. I might like it more than the KayFun at this point. I think the DVARW still trumps it, but only slightly.

The Restricted lung “extension kit” for the Pioneer RTA works like a charm, and delivers a very solid and flavorful single coil restricted lung. I would really recommend checking this RTA out.

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