Intake MTL RTA – BuildStream / Rundown

This just arrived on my desk and i’m an MTL guy so you bet your behind we are going to be building this new Mike Vapes Intake MTL RTA today. I’ve peeked at the deck and airflow, but for the most part this is going to be a real true first impressions of the Intake MTL RTA. Were obviously going to a build as well as a little Rundown Jim on this guy. Hoping to get this done in under 30min today.

I’ve been vaping this Intake MTL RTA for about 2 hours now and here’s where i’m at. 1.4mm airflow is a very nice MTL. I’m getting some crackle from the roundwire. The wicking is keeping up flawlessly ( glad I brushed the cotton ) every draw feels warm, flavorful and dense. Mike does top airflow right, it feels smooth the whole draw. I’m excited to experiment with the different airflow inserts. The way the deck is made, it’s easy to remove and place your coils back in the deck.

Intake MTL RTA on Hit That Juice

So far it’s a champ. The airflow can get a little loud sometimes, it makes an audible “sound”. It’s not a whistle, it’s more of a “shhwwoooo” type of sound. Other than that it’s a champ. For those curios i’m using it on the OLD Digiflavor DF60. It was a small internal battery, 60w banger that I forgot how much I loved.

Watch Mike’s Presentation video