TBN! You Don’t Know Nicotine Review / Thoughts / Truth / Science

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Today’s topics include: All things nicotine. Today we are going to be giving our thoughts and reviews of the recent You Don’t Know Nicotine documentary released on the IBEX platform. This is a BIG movie, with a much bigger message than just the desire to #KnowNicotine

We are going to chat about “The Mind Study” that Dr Paul Newhouse MD is doing about Nicotine, as well as one of the best and most thorough articles written about nicotine recently published by Filter Mag. It’s all nicotine all the time. Love it or hate it, addiction or dependence, nicotine is here to stay. How can we pretend this isn’t a human rights issue?

Just so people know if you sign up for Ibex, you do NOT get access to You Don’t Know Nicotine, you still have to pay the 20$ – Via Josh… sorry Josh

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[TIMESTAMPS COURTESY OF JEREMY V] Vlog Starts at – 05:11 Anti-Vaping Stock Photo – 08:24 Veritas Cohort Study & CASAA Calls to Action – 12:42 Progressive Policy Institute Study – 15:48 Cochrane Library Study – 18:57 Nicotine & COVID-19 Study – 21:22 FilterMag Article – 29:26 Flavors Hook Kids – 37:40 You Don’t Know Nicotine – 47:15 Sally Satel Article – 01:24:23 Elon Musk Inspiration – 01:26:40

Click the links below with confidence, they all open in a new tab. You are welcome.


Veritas Cohort Study

CASAA Vape Mail Ban

Cochrane Library Meta-Analasys

Covid-19. Protective, nicotine? A study is launched to find out

Nicotine 101: The Truth About What It Is and What it Does

The Mind Study

After Testing Positive (and Negative) for Covid-19, Elon Musk Contacted a Harvard Doctor. The Response Is a Master Class in Emotional Intelligence

Nicotine Itself Isn’t The Real Villain

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