Bridg’d Link’d!! & The 40MM Valhalla V2 RDA! Build Stream – Because why not?!

Welcome to the Monday build stream!! We are going a bit off track from “RTA Month” today but I feel like it will be a nice change of pace. Got the Bridg’d Link’d today!! huge shout out to my Patron Tanner Fry for getting this to my hands. I know it’s fiddly, I know it took Bogan an hour to build his. I’m hoping to beat his time today. Then I have a 40mm VALHALLA V2 RDA because it’s giant and I just want to build it hahaha. Because why not?!?!

I’ve got some liquids ready to go. Bluegrass The Billet Box is standing by. The gigantic DEF MODS is standing by for the 40MM Valhalla V2 RDA. Hoping to get this all done in under… ehh… let’s say. An hour and 20 min max. Post stream thoughts on these products will be down below. This video should have chapters.


00:00 Sweet Hold Screen
05:03 Hello There
07:30 Valhalla V2 Show / Tell
11:21 LINK’D show / tell / build
31:00 LINK’D Re-Build
39:51 LINK’D Wick Method
01:01:45 Moment Of Truth
01:04:04 LINK’D Vaps
01:09:50 Valhalla V2 Build
01:31:42 LINK’D Thoughts ‘n Stuff
01:34:09 Valhalla V2 Vaps Thoughts
01:42:10 Final Wrap Up – Running out the clock


As I said in the video. The LINK’D is a bit like getting a tattoo, it’s kinda worth it in the end. The means justify the ends. It’s a nice crackle filled flavorful vape. Smooth slow draw, lower wattage. Really a great vape. I don’t know the price and i’m assuming it’s ridiculous, so yeah vape budget hands. If you wanted one already, you still do. It’s great.

What really surprised the hell out of me was this VALHALLA V2 40mm RDA. Easy to build, but it’s a big gap and would benefit from some wide coils ( framed / fraliens ). I love the airflow and the flavor on this. That ultem insert really condenses that chamber down enough for some good flavor to come through. Loads of airflow, chase clouds not hoes.

More info on the Valhalla V2 RDA can be found HERE

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