Juggerknot MR RTA- QP Design – BuildStream / Rundown / Crackle Discussion

It’s almost too perfect of timing that the JUGGERKNOT MR from QP Design showed up in the middle of “RTA MONTHS” here on the build stream. Also while I still have the Original Juggerknot Mini set up and running from a few weeks ago. This feels cosmic, so let’s not waste the opportunity. Stoked to build this, stoked to vape this.

We will be comparing the two versions of the Juggerknot mini side by side. I also used the phrase “upon retrospect” in this so… that is out there. Welcome everyone, gates open come on in.


00:00 Sweet Hold Screen
05:08 Instant Dangle Clacks
09:01 Juggerknot Breakdown
14:08 Building Begins
21:21 Wicking / Juicing / Filling
32:23 Vapings
39:40 Crackle Discussion / Wrap up


So it’s kinda that same deck, and same wicking. The top is what appears to be different, and MAN it is a HUGE improvement. This is what the JUGGERKNOT Mini should have been from the beginning. Not only is the airflow much nicer and much smoother all around. Flavor is good as to be expected. I thinned my wicks, and I kinda wish I had thinned them more, or… ugh… used a smaller coil. Really though that is only because i’m using a 90VG Juice ( Smax ) so maybe with a 70VG juice a 3mm coil will work with some thinned wicks.

QP Makes nice stuff so this all fits together flawlessly and feels overall very high end and high quality. Best of all the overall vape experience is stellar.

More info on the QP Design JuggerKnot MR RTA can be found HERE

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