ReloadVapor – “S” RTA – BuildStream / Rundown / Comparison

Technically yes, we are continuing “RTA MONTH” today into March, but also backtracking to some single coil bangers. The ReloadVapor “S” RTA just arrived on Thursday and I’m way way too excited to build it. We’re going to do a full build / rundown on the S RTA.

We are also going to do a little comparison-ing at the end with some previous single coil banger RTAs and see how it stacks up. I have the QP JuggerKnot mini and the Augvape Druga RTA ready to go for comparisons.


00:00 Sweet Hold Screen Bro
04:49 Hello There
06:51 S-RTA Show And Tell
13:13 First Build Fail
25:05 New Coil / 2nd Build
30:11 Glowing / Wicking Finally
35:50 “MikeVapes” the Cotton
39:01 Juice, Final Assembly
44:51 Up Top Vaps
51:16 Comparisons
55:26 Wrap Up


Blown away is a pretty good way of putting it. The Reload Vapor SRTA has kinda blown me away. I’m sure lots of credit goes to M.Terk and his crackle-tastic coils. Objectively, this thing is just nice. All fits together real well. Feels very nice and high quality.

More info on the Reload SRTA can be found HERE

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