Dual Coil Bangers! Zeus X RTA – Blotto RTA – Griffin 25mm RTA – Build Stream

We are continuing “RTA MONTH” here on the GrimmGreen YouTube. Finally on the 22nd of the month getting to some dual coil bangers. I have a feeling RTA “month” will continue past Feb, but that’s fine. Today we have the Zeus X rta , the Blotto RTA and the Griffin 25mm. Why these? Curiosity mostly.

These are RTA’s that I have loved in the past and I want to see how they hold up and vape. It’s interesting to see all of the bells and whistles across different RTA designs IMO. The ZeusX has a unique, removable inner chimney piece. The Griffin has an old school 2-piece chimney. Interesting stuff IMO.

At the end of the day, these need to vape. So they WILL get ranked among each other. Post stream RTA thoughts will be down below.


00:00 Sweet Hold Screen
05:01 Hello There
06:34 RTA Lineup Rundown
09:42 Zeus X – Build / Wick
26:46 Blotto – Build / Wick
40:22 Griffin 25 – Build / Wick
59:03 Uptop / Blotto Vaps
01:04:18 Zeus X Vaps
01:07:48 Griffin Vaps
01:09:41 Final Vaps / Rankings


Well DANG! another week, another surprise. The Griffin 25mm is a FLAVOR BANGER. I don’t remember this RTA being quite so flavorful but man, this really surprised me. It is a complete and total b***h to build on IMO ( why those post holes so low? ) and the airflow is a little on the sharp side, but I can’t get over that flavor.

Love the Blotto, will always probably love the Blotto. Just a well designed well put together RTA. The deck can be wonky, but not overly difficult. It’s a breeze to wick and has some of the smoothest airflow I have ever had on an RTA. Bogan also sells it, and dammit I love that man.

Lastly, the ZeusX #ZOOSEX feels familiar to me. When the airflow is fully opened up, it is very very plentiful and swooshy. It unfortunately also feels very very hollow. As Nick mentioned in the chat, turning the airflow 1/2 way down on the ZeusX smooths out the airflow tremendously. Still an enjoyable RTA in 2021.

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