Serpent Elevate Redemption Build Stream – AEGIS RDTA!! 45min Or Less

It’s difficult to explain the mental gymnastics that went into putting together today’s Build Stream, but here we are. Back with the Serpent Elevate AGAIN. I won’t be satisfied until i’m satisfied. We also randomly have that AEGIS RDTA topper for the AEGIS Pro, which I’m honestly really excited about as well. So here we go, it’s going to be a weird ass week here on the GrimmGreen YouTube. Welcome.


00:00 Sweet Hold Screen
05:05 Hello There
09:55 Serpent Elevate Re-Build
15:32 Serpent Elevate Wicking… again
23:19 Aegis RDTA Build
36:44 Aegis Wicking
39:39 Beetlejuice Impression
40:00 Up Top Aegis RDTA vapings
42:00 Serpent Elevate Redemption
47:53 AEGIS Boost Pro RDTA
59:32 Sweet Backward Intro


Who could have guessed I would enjoy the crap out of this AEGIS RDTA? not me! it’s honestly pretty banging. I make it a point to hold it at an angle as often as I can. Want to get that liquid touching the wicks as often as possible. Also the “sip” technique of vaping works pretty well. The flavor on this RDTA is really nice. It’s a little bit spitty which is annoying at times. Super easy build deck, then do your best “Mike Vapes” in flip the cotton in the holes. Dig it.

The Serpent Elevate has finally been redeemed. I’m enjoying it tremendously right now. Lesson here is don’t do things incorrectly, then blame the incorrect thing for being incorrect. A little patience and measuring goes a long way on this and WILL give you a rad vape. Years after the fact, the Serpent Elevate story is finally over for GrimmGreen.

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