MORE Single Coil Bangers! Build Stream – SerpentElevate x GEAR x Juggernaut Mini x Pharaoh

Well, we are here today to build up some MORE SINGLE COIL BANGERS! Feb is RTA month here on the GrimmGreen Youtube. We started last week with some Single Coil Bangers and we are continuing this week with MORE SINGLE COIL BANGERS!

The lineup of single coil bangers this week includes The QP Designs, Juggerknot Mini, the Wotofo / SMM Serpent Elevate, The OFRF Gear RTA and finally the OG Pharaoh RTA ( not the “drip tank” he did in 2015, this is the RTA from 2017) I have a feeling this will be the last week for single coil bangers, next week we are going to get into some dual coil guys. Going to do a comparison and ranking at the end, and all my post stream thoughts will be down below this line.


00:00 Sweet Hold Screen
06:25 Oh Hi
11:21 Juggernaut Mini build/wick
18:39 Serpent Elevate build/wick
29:53 Gear RTA build/wick
47:15 Pharaoh build/wick
01:02:04 Uptop Vaps
01:09:38 Leaky Pharaoh
01:13:28 RANKINGS


Final Single Coil Banger Ranking!!

1st – Juggernaut Mini, Wow flavor. It’s a banging little RTA, the airflow is less than awesome, but this thing makes up for it in SPADES with stellar staller flavor. Not surprised to see a QP RTA placing at the top. Just a really enjoyable vape experience.

2nd – Pharaoh RTA! If i’m being really honest, part of the appeal of this RTA is the solid construction. It feels more well put together than any of the other RTA’s in the lineup today. Combine that with some great airflow and some banging flavor? easy choice for 2nd. Great RTA

3rd – The Gear! Such a unique little banger of an RTA. Not a bad capacity, but not a great capacity. It’s pretty easy to sit and plow though 4ml of eliquid in one session. I just think this RTA looks cool. It’s much more RDA looking than tank looking and I like that. Very open, yet slightly sharp airflow combined with some pretty decent flavor lands The Gear in 3rd place

4th – Serpent Elevate. The Serpent Elevate is a very fine RTA. It’s not going to be able to go head to head with a lot of other better RTAs, but it can hold it’s own if need be. The Serpent Elevate is like the “Wish” version of an RTA you can also buy on Amazon. It will work, and probably be pretty enjoyable, but you just know there are better RTAs out there.

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