Single Coil Bangers! BuildStream – Intake x GATA x SerpentMini x Druga

Heyyyy!! Welcome to the Monday afternoon build stream!! (**EDIT In retrospect I should have not tried or vaped that Serpent Mini. A few drags i’m sure is fine, but if your RTA ever looks rusted or turns your clear liquid brown, DO NOT USE IT. Thanks for coming to my TedTalk )

It’s slowly becoming my favorite stream of the week ( don’t tell the VLOG ). Well we are here today to build up some SINGLE COIL BANGERS! As you may or may not know, I”ve been obsessed with going through all my old gear. I have 11 years worth of “stuff” here that is all really interesting and fun. We are probably going to spend a few weeks ( 1 month? ) doing nothing but RTA Build Streams.

I’ve always been an RTA fan, and I genuinely geek out at RTA design. It’s fascinating to me over the years all the different ways people have done the otherwise straight forward task of having a coil in a tank. Anyway, I have 4 bangers with me today that I have dug out of the GrimmGreen Archives.

The Druga From Augvape is probably the newest RTA on the block today. In addition to that, I have the OG Intake RTA, the QP GATA rta and the OG Serpent Mini RTA. They are all single coil bangers, and we are going to build them and put them head to head to head to head.


00:00 Sweet Hold Screen
05:02 Hello / RTA rundown
14:37 Serpent Mini Rust?
15:54 Druga Build / Wick
23:01 Gata Build / Wick
30:07 Serpent Mini Build / Wick
38:32 Intake Build / Wick
48:30 Fill And Finish All
58:34 Uptop For Vaps


I for one did not see the Intake RTA doing that well. I knew I liked it but I didn’t think it would take first place. That’s kind of insane honestly. I stand by it though, this thing is vaping GREAT. Not that the others aren’t. As I said in this video, these RTAs are pretty evenly matched.

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