MTL BUILD STREAM 2! FT: The Artemis – Cthulhumodz

Ok welcome everyone! had such a fun time last week doing the MTL build stream that I wanted to do it again. We have a NEW Artemis from Cthulhumodz to try out today. This was a late 2020 MTL tank that just arrived in my office. Going to be putting it up this week against the ARES2 , The Intake MTL, and the Reload MTL RTA. We can wrap it all up at the end with another “shoot out” type of thing. I’m an MTL guy, so I’m really really excited to see how this Artemis stacks up.

I also still have all of last weeks MTL tanks still going, so this just became an 8 TANK SHOOT OUT!!! WHOAHHHH BABY!! Anyway, all my after-stream thoughts will be down below.


00:00 hold screen
02:45 Hello there
06:55 Artemis AF Pin Swap
13:00 Artemis Build
21:19 Artemis Wicking
27:23 Intake Wick
33:52 Reload Wick
41:38 ARES 2 Wick
47:00 Good Luck Beating A Big Nutt
47:38 Uptop!
49:46 Artemis Vapings
53:12 Comparisons
01:02:17 Some Final Rankings And The Such As


The final 8 shook out like this. First place was the KayFun LP2020. Super reliable, super flavorful, really well made ($$$) and with the new airflow adjustment pin, has almost become un-stoppable. If SvoeMesto did a slick crystal cap / top fill cap, it would be the eternal champion.
2nd was the Pioneer, 3rd was the Artemis, 4th was a tie between the Intake MTL and the DVARW, 5th was the Ether, 6th was the ARES2 and last place was the Reload MTL.

A bit more about this Artemis RTA though. As you saw in the video, it’s pretty easy to build.

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