MTL BUILD STREAM! – FT Kayfun Lite Plus 2020 – Top Tank Shoot Out

Hey Everyone! welcome to the Monday Afternoon Build Stream. I’m not even going to pretend this will be done in less than an hour. We are spending today fiddling around with some MTL tanks. In addition to the buffet of MTL ( mouth to lung ) tanks I have, we are going to spend some extra time on the new Kayfun Lite Plus 2020. Or maybe now it’s 2021 I don’t know. It’s great and we are going to build it, as well as clean up and freshen up a few other choice MTL tanks including Bogan’s ETHER RTA, The DVARW and lastly the Pioneer.

I hate the term “shoot out” but that’s mostly what this will be. Is the KayFun still the king of my MTL world? I honestly don’t know anymore and I feel the need to put all my favorite MTL tanks up against each other. Post stream thoughts will be down below as well as timestamps. Though there should be chapters on this video. WHOO HOO!! WELCOME!!


00:00 Hold Screen
04:14 Hello! – no audio –
05:24 Hello Again!
08:51 Kayfun Lite Plus Breakdown
17:05 Building The Kayfun
26:45 Wicking The Kayfun
34:50 ETHER Rewick
38:56 Pioneer Rewicking
43:30 DVARW Rewicking
50:20 VAPS! Kayfun Discussion
56:29 Comparisons
01:09:40 Wrap up / Closing Thoughts

Ok I know it sounded strange, but I stand by my “rubberband / Syringe” draw feeling. It’s a positive attribute in MTL tanks that I really like. I don’t know what causes it, but I really like it.

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