Build ‘n Chill! Torch RTAOG Reload RTA – Aromamizer +V2 SERIES DECK – Type2 ALT WICK

YEAH! Feels good to be back in the saddle. Had a reflective and relaxing week “off” of streaming. Today we’re back with a big ol build ‘n Chill. I’ve got that New Digiflavor TORCH RTA. The RTA that lights up, yeah it’s goofy as hell but is honestly a pretty banging RTA. Spoiler alert, it’s basically the ZeusX RTA. I’ve been craving the OG Reload RTA again so were going to put a fresh single coil build in that.

A subscriber ( who’s name I can not remember at all because I am the worst ) sent me the series Deck for the Steam Crave Aromamizer + V2 RDTA almost a year ago and we are FINALLY going to put a series build on the series deck and run it on a series mech because why the hell not?


00:00 Sweet Hold Screen
05:00 Hello There
06:43 Agenda Rundown
14:00 Reload RTA Build up
27:22 Reload RTA Vaps
33:30 Torch RTA ( Lights ) Build up
48:31 Torch RTA Vaps
50:32 Full Torch Light Effects
53:57 Type Two Wick Up
01:04:54 Type Two Vaps
01:08:18 Aromamizer Plus V2 Series Build up
01:32:34 Aromamizer Plus V2 – Suicide Stack
01:37:15 Wrap It Up Grimm!

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