QP Fatality M25 RTA IN BLUE! – FLAVE22 – Asgard MINI – Busted Griffin 25

MONDAY BUILD AND CHILL!! WOOOO!! Alright, everyone calm down. Stoked for today’s Build ‘n Chill sesh. I got dinged by YouTube for the music last time, so I’m working on something else. In the meantime, It can just be silent. No matter, Last week in the VLOG I got the Fatality M25 RTA from QP Designs, n their new blue color and it looks dope!! I’ve also never used this RTA so I’m stoked to give it a whirl.

Additionally, I’ve decided I want to squonk again, and today is the day that I’m making that happen. So I have a FLAVE22 RDA from Alliance VaporTech that we are going to get up and running. I’ve also been DYING to vape the Asgard “mini” RDA again. I never got to run it on a mech, so I kinda wanna run it on a mech. Maybe a Russian Custom Mods Mando.


00:00 Sweet Hold Screen
05:09 Hello There / Rundown
10:49 FLAVE 22 Build up
23:54 FLAVE 22 Vaps
28:13 Busted Griffin 25
36:18 Asgard Mini Build up
49:02 Asgard Mini Vaps
52:55 Fatality M25 Build up
01:12:37 Fatality M25 Vaps
01:19:46 We’re Done Here

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