BUILD’n Chill! Tuney Custom Kayfun – WIDOWMAKER RTA – Daywon RDA – Artemis RTA

MONDAY BUILD’n CHILL!! WOOOO!! Alright, everyone calm down. Stoked for today’s build ‘n Chill sesh. I wanted to show off a Tuney Custom Kayfun. He has been customizing Kayfuns for as long as I can remember and they are pretty awesome. I also have a WIDOWMAKER RTA on loan from the DimLitKnight collection. I never got to try this RTA so this should be fun.

I wanna build up this little squonk RDA called the DAYWON rda by Mission and lastly I have no MTL RTA going right now and that is unacceptable. A subscriber asked me last week where the Artemis RTA went, well it’s getting built back up and used again. I also have it in my head that I want to use round wire today for some reason.


00:00​ Home Shopping Network
05:05​ Oh Hey – Stream Rundown
13:00​ Tuney Kayfun Build-up
32:21​ Tuney Kayfun Vaps
38:11​ Artemis RTA Build-up
01:09:12​ Artemis RTA Vaps
01:15:33​ Daywon RDA Build-up
01:27:20​ Daywon RDA Vaps
01:33:47​ Widowmaker RTA Build-up
01:59:35​ Widowmaker RTA Vaps / Wrapup


WIDOWMAKER RTA: Ok so this thing is kind of a banger. As I said in the stream, I can see why people say that this is their favorite RTA. It reminds me of something VaperzCloud or QP would have released. Big deck, big airflow, big bubble glass. The airflow is nice, if not just a hair sharp. Pretty easy to build with the help of my chat. Real unique wicking system as well that seems to work without issue. Overall I’m digging this quite a bit.