BUILD ‘n CHILL! – OBS Engine V2 – Jenna RDA – Mage V2 RTAMYSTERY ?????

MONDAY BUILD’n CHILL!! WOOOO!! Alright everyone, settle down. Stoked for today’s build ‘n Chill sesh. We actually ( accidentally ) have (two) 2018 ERA vape things today. The OBS Engine V2 on loan from the Truckin Reviews collection. Everyone kinda raves about this RTA and I’ve never got to try it so I’m stoked for that.

Also giving the Jenna RDA one last joyride before I do a trade for it. I love it so hard, I just don’t squonk and I want it to be in a home where it gets more love and more use. I have the Coil Art Mage V2 RTA as well, which is another RTA that I never got to try. Then lastly… ohhhhh mystery RDA… It’s the MGNT V1.5 from Shado Vapor circa 2018.


00:00 Operators are standing by
05:00 Hello! Stream Rundown
11:10 Mage V2 Buildup / Struggle
37:44 Mage V2 Vaps
44:43 Jenna Buildup
01:01:32 Jenna Vaps
01:06:32 OBS Engine V2 Buidup
01:28:00 OBS Engine V2 Vaps
01:38:01 “Mystery RDA”
01:52:33 “Mystery RDA” Vaps

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