Build ‘n Chill! My Legendary Banger RDAs – Kennedy – Reload – Recoil – SOI

MONDAY BUILD ‘n CHILL!! WOOOO!! Alright everyone, settle down. I’m moving a little slow today but I’m stoked for today’s build ‘n Chill sesh. This video should have chapters. Decided to get into some RDAs today. These are some of what I consider to be “legendary” RDAs. RDAs that I personally put up on a bit of a pedestal. These are the “upper echelon” RDAs that I talk about. Atomizers I fell in love with.

Kennedy 24 is up today ( The 3 post version from 2015 ) I have an OG Reload RDA, I have an OG Sub-Zero from SOI, and then it’s the Recoil Rebel. Going to build em up, going to vape ’em. This should be interesting because a few of these I have not vaped in quite a long time. Interested to see how they hold up.


00:00 Operators are not standing by
07:07 Stream “Rundown”
09:21 Kennedy 24 Build-up
40:36 Kennedy 24 Vaps FINALLY
46:03 SubZero Build-up
01:00:44 SubZero Vaps
01:09:13 Recoil Rebel Build-up
01:29:33 Recoil Rebel Vaps
01:35:10 Reload Build-up
01:50:09 Reload Vaps / Wrap up


I know in this video I said that the Reload was my “PICK OF THE WEEK” or whatever we ended up calling it. Upon further vapings, I have decided that the SubZero wins. It’s actually just all awesome.

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