Can I Still Build Claptons? Gimmick Wire – Taifun GT4S RTADEAD GOAT RDA

You have picked probably the best build stream of all time to watch. I haven’t built a fused clapton since 2016 so today we will be asking: Can I still Build claptons?! I also have a bunch of “GIMMICK Wire” from back in the day. G-Plat, HotWires, Diamond wire. There was a few years where everyone had a different wire, and it turns out it was all Nichrome anyway. So gimmick wire in the Dead Goat today because it’s the most underrated RTA possibly of all time.

Thanks so much everyone for being here. Wanna give a special shoutout thank you to The Rising Phoenix Vapery out there in Austin TX. Great shop, great owners. If you’re in the area, you should absolutely check them out. 8015 Bandera Rd, Unit 101, San Antonio, TX 78250.


00:00 Home Shopping Network
05:00 Hello There / Rundown
16:40 Clapton Building Begins
37:04 Clapton Results!
39:43 Taifun GT4s Clapton Install
01:00:48 Taifun GT4s Vaps
01:12:09 Gimmick Wire / Dead Goat Build
01:44:44 Dead Goad / Hot Wires Vaps

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